So, you’ve got a new online business. Yes, it’s hard transforming visitors into real sales. What’s even harder is getting yourself profitable. Perhaps this is the main reason why you have eventually decided to try ClickFunnels to make money online.

But wait!

Is it a good fit? Are there discount codes, promo codes, and coupon codes available? If so, how good are they? Keep on reading and see for yourself!

What is ClickFunnels?

Before digging deeper, let’s first have the definition of ClickFunnels.

It is a cloud-based sales funnel and page builder that helps online business owners and marketers to grow an email list and sell more of their products. ClickFunnels was developed in 2014 by Russel Brunson and his team. Thousands of people have been relying on this software application to generate money in the comfort of their own home.

It is generally ideal for people who:

  • want to use a sales funnel to boost their sales and conversion
  • prefers employing outside professionals for expert assistance with their web development; and
  • lacks the time or technical knowledge to optimize landing pages and code

There are two membership options available: ClickFunnels & ClickFunnels Platinum.

ClickFunnels has a paying cost of $97 a month with a few features such as developing 20 sales funnel, 100 marketing pages, and up to 20,000 web visitors. Specifically ideal if you’re a startup.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels Platinum costs $297 a month and allows members to have more than 20 sales funnel and over 20,000 web visitors every month. You can get access to Actionetics, too. It is a comprehensive text and email-based marketing autoresponder. There’s also an integrated affiliate program called Backpack that allows you to employ and manage affiliates to promote your products.

Whether you want to generate leads, maximize your client lifetime value and average order, sell a product, or your products simply require more education and selling, ClickFunnels does an awesome job. It doesn’t matter what type of online business you’re operating or the sort of product you’re selling.

It makes it super easy for you to list, sell, and deliver products over the web. Using this software is just like using Facebook. Again, you don’t need to have coding skills to get started. What you need is basic knowledge and voila! Thanks to its drag and drop editor.

You can use ClickFunnels to build normal blogs and websites, opt-in pages, landing pages, webinars, squeeze pages, membership websites, video sales letters, and sales funnel with upsells. Unlike other sales funnel software, you don’t need to worry about downtime, hosting, server maintenance, developers, and getting hacked when executing it. Just consume your energy and time, creating a good functioning sales page, and you’re good to go.

How about if you don’t still have a website or you no longer find your existing website valuable? Can you use ClickFunnels to use or replace your site?

Absolutely, yes! This is another benefit as you can exclusively use the software, whether for landing pages, lead collection pages, or sales page.

ClickFunnels Coupon Code

Now we’ve come to the core of this content. ClickFunnels coupon code is offered in different versions. It has: 

  • 14 Days Free Trial
  • One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Secrets Masterclass Workshop Bundle

Let us discuss each.


Having doubts about using a certain product or service is very common. The same goes for ClickFunnels. Online scams are widespread. Hence it’s just practical to ensure you’ll get what your hard-earned money really deserves. That’s why ClickFunnels offers the 14-day free trial bonus.

Here, you will be able to use the software – test its reliability and even make some sales without spending any single amount. Filling out your credit card details is not necessarily required. Have all the fun and perks of using it within fourteen days. Simply cancel it by the end of the specified time in case you’re not happy using it.

Get access to incredible bonus stacks from big names such as Justin Brooke and Tony Robbins. Here’s what you will get:

  • Over 100 ready-to-go templates. Once you click on the free trial, you will automatically have access to a whole library of funnels – each professionally designed and crafted by the in-house design team. Since it’s a free trial, you won’t pay for each funnel nor wait for weeks or even months before getting your funnel furnished.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • The highest-end training of ClickFunnels before getting into personal consulting with the software developer
  • Tony Robbins Private Training Collection which includes exclusive topics and modules like Love and Passion, The Edge, True Wealth, and Energy for Life
  • FunnelFlix, which is highly considered as the largest marketing, funnel strategy, personal development, and business building sales training program. It is the Netflix of digital marketing content with hundreds of valuable, helpful content provided by some of the gurus across the world. It is specifically designed for those who want to level themselves up as an online business owner or marketer. The focused content consists of Affiliate Bootcamp, Product Secrets, Funnel University, Funnel Builder Secrets, and 30 Days book videos.

What can you create with your free trial?

  • Begin with a blank canvas or pre-built templates
  • An easy to use visual web page editor
  • Create B2B sales leads with drag and drop lead capture forms
  • Make an entire membership site in which customers and prospects can sign in

You might be wondering if there are any catches to a 14-day trial. So far, there are no issues at all. It worked great for those who already used it. You get all the functionalities the software offers, which include the ability to accept payments.


Any newbies may agree that ClickFunnels seems like a somewhat intricate software at the initial try out. And throughout the process, you may still have difficulty using it. This is where the One Funnel Away Challenge could be put to use. It’s an extensive thirty days training which teaches members the step-by-step process of how to launch their first or next funnel properly.

This coupon code for ClickFunnels won’t hurt your bank account a lot. Prepare $100 to get started and then get a workbook, daily audio recordings, and 30 days book as an eBook or hardcover. Especially if you are still new to the sales funnel and online selling, this training is the most practical program you can have. 

A shipping fee is included, though. It costs about $19.95 for those living within the US region and $29.95 for members living outside the US. The best thing about One Funnel Away is that you can resell it in case you don’t fancy using it anymore. Its affiliate program pays a one-hundred percent commission. Hence, you’ll still be able to make your penny back when you sell a course to someone.


Want to save $47/month from the Etison suite or Full suite? You can buy this discount coupon code for ClickFunnels. The upfront price might seem a lot of money, but you’re actually getting one of the best deals. 

Besides an awesome discount, Funnel Builder Secret is also ideal for acquiring several valuable training and tools as a bonus and, most importantly, save more bucks in the end!

Here are the bonuses you will get:

  • ClickFunnels account (6-12 months)
  • Free access to FunnelFlix and Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Free Funnel Scripts
  • Free Funnel Hacks Masterclass Training Access
  • Free Traffic Secrets

The price ranges from $1,997 to $2,997.


Those looking to cut down their cost for using ClickFunnels software can also get this special offer. It costs $997 for six months – providing a discounted price, six months of ClickFunnels Platinum, and many other excellent bonuses.

Here, you’ll get the following:

  • ClickFunnels Platinum Account for 6 months
  • Free FunnelFlix Access
  • Free Ad Skills/Traffic Secrets
  • Free Virtual Daily Funnel Hack-A-Thon’s
  • Free 10x Secrets Mastery Program
  • Free One Funnel Away

All in all, subscribing to Secrets Masterclass Workshop Bundle will enable you to get the value’s package with a cost of $15,770. It also includes a 30-day return policy – with no questions asked!

Note that voucher codes do not exist. You won’t find any sort in several voucher sites. Also, the software does not run seasonal discounts or sales. So, don’t waste your precious time waiting for a holiday sale or Black Friday sales because that will never go to happen.

ClickFunnels $19 Plan

Another ClickFunnels discount code option, but unfortunately, it is no longer available as for the moment. It was only a limited plan. It works by allowing users to join under the shared funnel of a person and obtain a ClickFunnels account for the said price. Members are given a chance to upgrade to a higher plan if the idea suits well to them. Today, it’s still possible to join under someone’s shared funnel, though you’ll need to pay at least $97 for every month.

It theoretically sounds good, yes. But here’s the drawback we’ve found – you are only required to edit the funnel they provide.

Other Ways to Get ClickFunnels Discount Code

If any of the abovementioned ClickFunnels promo code didn’t work as per your level of expectation nor your wallet is still hurting, don’t worry, Russel Brunson made sure you’ll spare yourself from the software’s high costs. There are other ways to get those discounts you’ve been yearning. Here’s how!

Method #1: Watch Webinars

The easiest way to get a discount is to catch webinars conducted by the founder, Russel. There’s no boredom here, only valuable points you can use for future references. Catch one of his webinars and see how big a discount you can acquire.

Method #2: $37 Discount

Want to know an unofficial secret that ClickFunnels doesn’t teach you? Perhaps this is also new to some, but we have seen reviews claiming it’s an effective secret you can take advantage of too.

How can you get the $37 discount?

Simply take the 14-day free trial and cancel it on the final day. There, you’ll get a discounted rate of $37 or £28 of the software application. We are not sure if it will work for you, but there’s no harm in trying, right? Then again, some claims are circulating that it has worked on them whenever they have tested it.

Mega Bonus Bundle

Well, there’s more! ClickFunnels offers Mega Bonus Bundle for you to benefit from:

Commissions Blueprint ($197 value)

It contains strategies implemented by Super Affiliates to produce up to half a million affiliate sales.

Million Dollar As Swipe Library ($197 value)

It features 40 Facebook ads that trusted entrepreneurs are currently operating.

Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs ($297 value)

It contains a list of hundreds of affiliate programs providing lifetime recurring commissions.

Bing Ads Mastery Training ($297 value)

It allows you to acquire traction on each ad that Bing Ads offers.

Fuego Multiplier Google AdWords ($297 value)

It helps you to multiply your earnings as well as save up to 90 percent off Google AdWords advertising. 

Urgency Sites Pro ($497 value)

It generates more urgency for clients to purchase your products.

DropFunnel Share Funnel Library ($497 value)

Consists of fifty-six funnels that you can import straight in your ClickFunnels account.

Vid Chomper Pro ($997 value)

This makes use of a tremendously powerful YouTube algorithm loophole.

All of these bonuses claim to help you make the best use of your ClickFunnels training and products, plus generate more affiliate sales!


Earning cash online is not an easy feat. It requires hard work, patience, and the right tools and software. If you’re really serious in boosting your product’s reach and sales as well as your clients’ average lifetime value, then ClickFunnels is definitely worth the risk. You’ll not only get full access to the software but also receive coaching from several experts and even the founder himself. The main idea is to provide you with a more enlightening and inspirational experience.

Take advantage of the ClickFunnels promo code and discount code, such as the 14 days free trial, and see what we’re talking about!