You’re probably curious about Entre Institute. Perhaps, you have heard it before. What is it really? Worry no more! You came to the right place. In this Entre Institute review, you will know everything about the program. Are you ready? Take a close look at the following:

What is Entre Institute? 

Entre Institute has been gaining massive popularity in different corners of the globe. It is reputed as a company that offers entrepreneurial education products designed to teach people how to succeed with their online business. It provides a total of three types of services and products. These include books/online education/training, live events/seminars/mastermind/workshops, and private/group networking.

For online education, books, and training, everyone can get different and reliable resources to launch a business online. Let’s be honest! Establishing a startup can be a headache, especially when you don’t have prior experience.

Things have changed today. The resources from Entre Institute will make the process easier and less stress-free. 

What about those people with an existing business? Well, Entre Institute can play a crucial role in your success. This allows you to streamline your operations and transactions. This also lets you build your reputation, increase internet visibility, boost great web traffic, acquire a pool of potential customers, promote a high return on investment, ensure client conversion, and more.

For seminars, live events, workshops, and mastermind, you’ll be able to build connections with other individuals. It’s a great opportunity for you to market your brand, enhance your reputation, and create noise on the saturated market.

Of course, you have a hectic schedule in improving your services or streamlining your operation. Despite that, don’t forget to participate in these events.

Everyone wants to succeed in the business world. But it is easier said than done. You will fail a couple of times. The number of your customers, sales, lead generation, and return on investment may not happen as you wish. This is where the group and private coaching from Entre Institute comes into play. The coaching is one-on-one. Plus, every specialist is fully certified, experienced, and qualified. Whether you want to increase a great internet presence or generate leads, avail the packages from Entre Institute.

A Brief Overview About Jeff Lerner

Who’s beyond Entre Institute? Jeff Lerner is the founder and CEO of ENTRE. As a leader of the company, he has shared all of his experiences and unmatched expertise in the program.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Jeff Lerner is an influencer for many years now. He has inspired many businesses of any size and nature to thrive in their chosen niche despite the odds. He has become a role model for small, medium-sized, and large companies for many decades. Jeff Lerner is also a speaker and author.

As an entrepreneur, Jeff Lerner began his career in 2008. Since then, he has achieved more than $50 million in sales.

Before Entre Institute, Jeff Lerner has also worked as a Founder and CEO of Xurli. Due to its unparalleled background in the industry and wide expertise, Xurli was honored as one of the fastest-growing companies for two consecutive years.

How Does the ENTRE Blueprint Work?

The program is known for its ENTRE Blueprint. But what does it mean? How does it work? Well, it is a series of fun and comprehensive video training. It has been designed with the client’s convenience in mind. The videos are intended to teach people how to start a business from scratch.

Every video includes 6 steps of training. These are the 3 P’s, the 3 Legs, the 3 Phases, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, and Digital Consulting.

The 3 P’s include personal, professional, and physical. The 3 Legs consist of Context/Community, Strategy/Belief, and Knowledge/Learning. The 3 Phases explain Wealth, Growth, and Leverage.

Let’s say you have developed your products and services. What’s next? It’s time to promote your business. To get started, take advantage of affiliate marketing. Similar to other advertising techniques, this method offers many possibilities. It is performance-based. It broadens your audience, boosts your reputation, saves some cash, helps you pick partners, creates targeted traffic, pays for sales, grows brand awareness, increases search engine optimization, scales your business, accesses foreign markets, and leverages skill sets.

Despite its popularity, many businesses are misinformed about affiliate marketing. But there’s nothing to worry about! In the video series, you will be properly guided on how to maximize the advantage of affiliate marketing.

Jeff Lerner also explains about e-commerce in which he considers a hot business model. The video training will also help you build assets for ROI.

But wait, there’s more! The video series tackles digital consulting. If you’re planning to build a consulting agency but don’t know how to start, this step will help you turn your dreams into a reality. Of course, your journey won’t be as easy as you imagine. But everything will be less complicated with persistence, commitment, patience, and determination.

What’s Next?

Once you have completed the video training, don’t forget to contact a business adviser of your choice. Then, answer the questionnaire, which will serve as a tool to analyze your risk profile and personality as well.

Now, submit the form. Wait for a few days. The Entre Institute team will carefully analyze every detail. After that, they will develop a plan according to your requirements. Over time, this assists you in selecting a business as per your financial resources, experience, and skills.

A business adviser also provides a higher level of training. But this is optional. If you want to unleash your hidden talents and stand out from the competition, don’t hesitate to inform your business adviser.

How Does the Program Cost?

The Entre Institute has many products and services. Apart from the ENTRE Blueprint, the company has a lot of things to offer. These include the ENTRE Nation Elite, ENTRE Digital, ENTRE Results, ENTRE Inner Circle, and ENTRE Mastery.

ENTRE Blueprint

How much do these packages cost? For the ENTRE Blueprint, it usually costs around $39, which is a bit expensive. Good news! Sometimes, the company provides an 80% discount. So, the price would only be available at $7. So, contact them on a daily basis so that you won’t miss any important updates.

ENTRE Nation Elite

The ENTRE Nation Elite, on the other hand, costs $49 per month. Then, the annual subscription plan is around $348. Like the ENTRE Blueprint, the ENTRE Nation Elite is offered at $29 per month. Also, the yearly package can only cost around $175.

What is the ENTRE Nation Elite? It is simply a training membership focused on internet business or entrepreneurship. Jeff Lerner, together with his trainers, leads an FB Live training with an emphasis on digital marketing. The video typically lasts within 30 minutes or more.

ENTRE Digital

The price for ENTRE Digital starts at $1997. Yes, it’s pricey. But the live mentoring from a certified business advisor makes the cost worthwhile. This training also focuses on ecom business, agency services, and affiliate marketing. Whether or not you have prior experience with advertising, the ENTRE Digital got you covered. The information is detailed, accurate, comprehensive, fun, and easy to understand.

ENTRE Results

If you already tried the ENTRE Digital, the ENTRE Results are something you cannot afford to miss. Compared to other services from Entre Institute, the ENTRE Results is a coaching program conducted by top, award-winning, and capable coaches. What makes the program different from others is that it is one-on-one and customizable. The price for ENTRE Results begins at $15,000 per year. There’s also a weekly coaching session you should try. This allows you to set goals, create an effective plan, answer questions, and get immediate results.

ENTRE Inner Circle

Another coaching and mastermind program is the ENTRE Inner Circle. It is developed with 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship, including Management, Mission, Mindset, Marketing, and Money. There are two live workshops, exclusive training for Inner Circle members, and Virtual Intensives. All of these cost $29,997 per year.

ENTRE Mastery

Another training program is ENTRE Mastery. Similar to other packages, ENTRE Mastery gives you the chance to work with Jeff Lerner. What else? You will get exclusive influencers and networking opportunities.

Who is Entre Institute For?

Entre Institute is ideal for action takers who are dedicated to succeeding in affiliate marketing. It is perfect for small, medium-sized, and large businesses that are ambitious, self-motivated, and responsible.

Entre Institute has been a favorite for individuals who are eager to become an effective internet marketer. Online advertising seems a simple thing to achieve. Once you start with your journey, you will realize that the process is complicated. Make your endeavor seamless and convenient with the training packages from Jeff Lerner. 

Entre Institute is also an excellent tool for those who are planning to establish their agency business, set their ecom-business, expand their skill sets, and learn new tactics.


Newbie Friendly – Another thing that we love about Entre Institute is that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. There’s no prior knowledge and experience required. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the program is convenient to employ. If you encounter some trouble, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support. They have a diverse and creative team that will accommodate all your questions and other concerns. Each member is professional, fully trained, and certified.

Everything Starts at $7 – Many businesses are afraid of trying some coaching services because of the cost. At Entre Institute, affordable training packages await you. Generally, the programs start at $7. In case you are on a tight budget, feel free to schedule a consultation. Don’t be afraid. They have a variety of training that may suit your financial needs.

Expect a Personal and Reliable Coach – Yes, you read it right. Every coach is award-winning and capable. That’s not all! Every team member is friendly, approachable, and accommodating. They are easy to work with. They treat every client as a family. There’s also an individualized service to expect. Say bye to standard coaching solution as the team at Entre Institute will consider your long-term objectives.

There’s No Additional Product to Buy – Perhaps, you have tried an expensive business coaching. If yes, Entre Institute will give you a different experience. There’s no extra product to purchase. The program is comprehensive, accurate, and detailed. This avoids unnecessary expenses and saves your budget over time.

High Ticket Program – Want to earn a passive income while learning? The program is a good step to achieve your goal. Contact Entre Institute for further details.

Available Across the World – Whether you’re in Asia, Europe or America, Entre Institute is available from different parts of the globe. So, if you have been waiting for a program with worldwide availability, Entre Institute should be on top of your mind.


Entre Institute has a few drawbacks you should know. Here are some of them:

The Training Videos are Lengthy – According to most Entre Institute reviews, the training videos are quite long. They range from 40 to 60 minutes. But if you really want to learn, you’d find the information comprehensive, fun, easy, and short.

It Has Many Things to Offer – Yes, customers find it confusing. Before you make a decision, identify your needs. Don’t take shortcuts. Take your time. Once you know the program of your choice, the selection process will be fun and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Entre Institute Legit?

Yes, it is reliable and trusted. Since day one, the company is committed to providing quality and individualized services.

How to be an Affiliate?

Well, it’s easy. All you have to do is to invest $7 in one of their programs like ENTRE Blueprint. But joining the membership is 100% free. 

Does the Company Provide Outstanding Customer Support?

Definitely, send your concerns and other questions to! There’s no long waiting time! The support team will respond right away.

Final Verdict

A variety of training programs? Qualified coaches? Competitive rate? Comprehensive training? Entre Institute has them all! Don’t hesitate to give them a call for further information!