When you are looking for independence and freedom in life, it is so hard to find a good option than to make money online. Yet, Commission Hero made a promise to show what you can do. This is quite a big promise of daily earning of $1000.

The Commission Hero’s creator claims to gain a thousand bucks each day. Some say that there is no reason in doubting him, yet when there is an involvement of such big numbers, people will think that it is a scam. He says, “Zero Experienced Required,” and this is way more impossible. How can you earn such a big amount without having experienced, right?

However, it doesn’t truly mean that this is considered as a scam. When you want to find out something and have the urge to invest because of the big promise earnings, you will review first those things, right?

Here we will be going to tackle and explain the things about Commission Hero: what it is, who created it, how it works, and if it is really a scam or if it is a legit way in making money online.

What is a Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is a recent online course to teach those who want to make money online that will arrive soon in ClickBank. A super affiliate, Robby Blanchard, created this.

This online course claims that it will just take three simple step systems and will use the social media platform, Facebook, in digital advertising products, then you can now make big commissions. It may sound simple for you yet, how will you earn such big commissions?

You will need to choose products in affiliate programs in the form of lucrative that can pay 50 percent or more than commissions.

The Commission Hero shows that they have 3 great secrets, and the first one is looking for the high-paying affiliate programs.

First Secret – How you will find the highest and best-paying offers that will possibly make the most money.

Second Secret – How will you use Facebook in running ads of those offers then make a big profit.

Third Secret – There three simple step system made by Robby Blanchard will psychologically force many people to purchase your offers.

There are lots of questions running on your mind. You will wonder more as we move on.

That is fine, but are these secrets true or work? When someone new or learned it, the first thing that possibly runs on their mind was this – who is Robby Blanchard?

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard is a supper affiliate that truly makes the pretty claims about Commission Hero. He also pretty claims that he is rank first as ClickBank Affiliate in the whole world.

It seems that you are not yet familiar with the ClickBank. So, this is the massive marketplace for vendors, product creators, or affiliate marketers that join forces to make a joint venture.

When you are in ClickBank, either you are a product promoter or product creator, most of it or top guys will earn an income of 6 or 7 figures.

So when Blanchard says that he ranks first as a ClickBank Affiliate in the world, he also means to say that he is a kind of a person with a big deal.

It truly turns out that Robby Blanchard is a person of a big deal because at least when we talk about marketing.

Robby is the Blanchard Media’s CEO with clients like Paleo Secret, Jason Capital International, and Fit Body Bootcamp.

The company of Blanchard offers services like ad campaign management, private coaching, and consulting and speaking engagements. But is he truly rank first as a ClickBank Affiliate? Yes, he truly is. Or let just put it where the time he gains the top spot on the leaderboard of the ClickBank in the year 2019.

In ClickBank, he is the top affiliate; that’s why he is also the Commission Hero’s creator.

Robby is not the same with how other super affiliates started in this industry. He does not truly start out in making money online. He started out with a fitness industry and managed his own fitness gym right after he gains his MBA from Fitchburg State College.

He promoted his own gym through Facebook and turned out as a big success. This is where it all started. He started to develop his online skills and eventually become the top affiliate of ClickBank and the Commission Hero’s creator.

Indeed, Robby Blanchard is a person of a big deal.

But it doesn’t mean that the right product for you is the Commission Hero, or it will give you the same earnings just like Robby Blanchard. However, since Blanchard is good with marketing and he has the knowledge to teach other people, and this is better to start on.

Is a Commission Hero a Scam?

The facts above made Robby Blanchard as a legit one. But it doesn’t make the same reason that the Commission Hero is legit too.

There are under-delivered, and over-promised courses before that will say that Commission hero is not a scam. Some courses will take the money, but the information about the Commission Hero that they will tell is somehow useless, incomplete, or outdated.

Other reviews will make you think that commission is a legit one. But some will make you skeptical.

The flat-out scams can take all your money and just run away. And there are also “half-scams” and were called by most people as questionable products.

The common examples of these internet products are the Secret Affiliate Machine, which makes you believe with their legit system and, at the same time, hiding the fact until you joined. The fact was that you would need more money on your additional tools, courses and most especially the traffic that will make this work for you.

What you should know is that the additional expenses may easily run with thousands. But Commission Hero is different. Blanchard is totally upfront on his system as he paid the traffics.

There is much information that you can learn when you want to be familiar with the methods of getting this online traffic. One of which is Facebook Advertising as a strategy.

Though it is quite an additional expense, the good thing about Blanchard is that he doesn’t wait until his clients paid before drops the needed information. This Commission Hero review will show you the alternatives of minimizing the cost in the Commission Hero.

Some other tactics of many scammers are upselling high tickets. You join, and you will need to pay a hundred dollars, and what you will get is just basic information that can tease or falls out your possibilities.

Today, what you see in the Commission Hero is what you can truly get. But we don’t say that there will be no upsells in this. Let just put Course Hero legit as its complete course covers advanced strategies that are very helpful for beginners, and this is not a scam.

Ways on How Commission Hero work

The commission is fully structured that will give clients step-by-step instructions on how to set up the profitable sales funnel and how to send traffic using only the Facebook Ads.

The outline of Commission Hero starts with the “Getting Started” section. This is where it explains the basics then move on to more advanced strategies like scaling campaigns and link tracking.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Information about Affiliate Marketing
  3. MaxWeb
  4. ClickFunnels
  5. Ad Accounts
  6. ClickBank
  7. Choose A Right Offer
  8. Finding Maxweb’s Right OffersF
  9. Finding ClickBank’s Right Offer
  10. Finding A4D’s Offers
  11. Offer Spotlight: The Flat Belly Fix
  12. Offer Spotlight: The Lean Belly Breakthrough
  13. Finding The Suitable Ad Image for you
  14. What image can suit your contain
  15. Finding a Right Designer with Fiverr
  16. Setting up the landing page
  17. Affiliate Links’ Set Up
  18. PHP Landing Page’s Set Up
  19. Domain’s Set Up
  20. Register for your ClickFunnels
  21. Facebook Set Up
  22. Fan Page’s Set Up
  23. Ads’ Set Up
  24. FB Business Manager’s Set Up
  25. Facebook Ads and Campaign’s Set Up
  26. Creation of the Custom Audience
  27. Bonus for the Inside Look of your Successful Campaign
  28. Facebook Pixel’s Set Up
  29. Installation of the FB Pixel
  30. Understanding the Pixel Analytics
  31. Placement of the FB Pixel directly on your ClickBank Account
  32. Campaign Track
  33. Ways on how to install the tracking links
  34. Tracking Spreadsheet
  35. Scaling
  36. Campaign Scaling
  37. Ninja Tactics
  38. Amex Card
  39. Spies on the Facebook Ads
  40. Reaching out some affiliates
  41. Dealing with the Shutdowns of Account
  42. Bonuses
  43. CPA
  44. ClickFunnels’ Landing Page with Million Dollar of Swipes
  45. Images
  46. PHP’s Landing Page with Million Dollar of Swipes
  47. Contacts
  48. Mindset

You can also access the Facebook Group of the Commission Hero and The Inner Circle Coaching when it finally becomes available.

Payment for Facebook Ads

This is up to your own idea or choice. The Commission Hero will just teach how you can advertise through Facebook, and you will get to your own pocket the advertising cost.

The paid advertising can run 2 or more campaigns towards one another, and you need to find out the one which performs better. And keep the winner then drop the losers.

But it doesn’t show that the winner that you choose is highly profitable, it means that it just has better performance than the losers.

Start to make a lot of tweaks, create a lot of campaigns, and then run enough or more tests.

But this is not for free. In each campaign that you test, you will need to pay it.  Yet, there is an unfortunate reality with this. The considered losers are most of the campaigns.

Some people might break even, and they might face hardships in that profitable one. But you need to make more changes and pay more money to find what you are looking for and that is your winner.

Use of Free Traffic

Most people love free traffic, and they said that it is worth paying for. Some said that it turns out to be a scam such as Bing Ads, Solo Ads, and Facebook Ads because they cannot find their winner. You need to learn a lot so you can put together a successful campaign and you can target the right audience.

You need to be an expert in creating successful campaigns. You need to trust yourself in doing so. You might not learn it on the very first, but eventually, you will learn how to create this one.

Commission Hero Refund Policy

Most people who engage with Commission Hero will say that $999 is truly a big investment. The next thing that they will think is what if the Commission Hero cannot make its promise? Can they able to refund their money?

You still can yet. It will not be an easy one.

Below is the official policy of the Commission Hero

They have a 12 Month Success Policy wherein you should take such course and if you put it for 12 months as a test. When the 12 month is near to end then you still get the results, you can take a full refund. Why Commission Hero do this? It is because they are looking for motivated and inspiring people who can make REAL progress to turn it into a more REAL business, then escape or leave their 9-5 hour job but still make REAL money.

Robby can be understood because of this policy. Perhaps it is not ideal for most people, but he does not like tire kickers.

He is not looking for those people who will just try it for weeks, and when failed will just give up and rant on social media that the Commission Hero is just a scam. Rather he is passionate about looking for serious people who are prepared to build an online business—those people who are well determined and know how to work hard.

What Most People Like About Commission Hero

Robby Blanchard is indeed the real deal here. And not unlike many gurus before because he does not only promote the product’s niche about making money online. Robby is a good guru as he came from the fitness industry and also makes money by promoting services and products related to relationships and dating.

This does not upsell high ticket and just a one-time payment on its complete course.

Commission Hero is different from other online courses, as this is not a sales funnel that you can do on your own. You just learn how to create self-campaigns and choose the best change of how you can make money online through its systems. You will just promote its system to the people you might know that has the same interest as you.

When you really want something to gain, you will take the risk. But make sure that taking that risk is truly worth it. You need to read more reviews and search for everything about this thing. Don’t sacrifice your money into something that you know you will not gain any profit or any experience. It is a must to think before you engage in something. Make sure that it is a legit one, don’t be deceived by those fake ones.

As you know, in our today’s lives, there are lots of fake or scams that can make your life worst and stop. You are securing a better future for your family or your life. Don’t settle and be amazed at what you have just known or what you have read. You need to confirm it and look for papers that will say to you that the government or an office approves it.

Commission Hero will lead you to success. You just need to wait and trust this online course. There is no wrong of trying this kind of thing as you go on you will find out that you are enjoying this one. Perhaps, some people can’t stay longer in this course because what they want is to gain money easily. But there is no such thing. You need to work hard and focus on your goal. Then success will follow you.

It is a pretty thing that you earn money while you are at home, and you are just sitting on a chair in front of your desktop or laptop. This way, you can give most of your time to bond with your family and do the chores at your home. You can also look for your kids and make their food. This is far different from working in an office or working abroad. With the help of Commission Hero, you will gain more experience and more income by just staying at your home.

There are lots of market hero reviews that you can find on the internet. You can compare them, and one thing for sure that you will just end up with the same thing – Commission Hero is not a scam. Just try it, and maybe you will be the nest affiliate known in the world.